About us

We are a global team connected remotely by cloud technology and a passion for all things SEO.

With over 25 years of SEO experience combined, we have a track record of delivering RESULTS for our clients. We are an SEO agency based in Rotterdam and Jackson Hole (USA) serving clients all over the world!

  • We have a track record of ranking our customers on page one of Google!
  • We provide our potential clients with a wealth of information to help them make an informed decision when hiring an SEO agency.
  • We only use white hat SEO techniques and are honest about what is possible.
  • We contribute to the SEO and wider digital marketing community by sharing our insights and providing high quality, engaging webinars, blog posts, YouTube videos and podcasts to educate and empower others to achieve their digital growth goals. Dutch Digital Marketing can draw on the best SEO talent in the world as the entire team works remotely from wherever they want!
  • We are all constantly striving to improve and adapt to the ever-changing world of SEO. Our no-nonsense client intake interview allows us to fully understand our client's digital growth goals and build a bespoke SEO strategy.
  • We report results to all our clients on a weekly basis. Naturally, being a global remote team, we make full use of a wide range of technologies to work together seamlessly and ultimately deliver outstanding results for our clients in a highly efficient manner.
  • We love to meet our customers in person, but we also know how important the human touch is in an increasingly technical world.
  • We value and strive to maintain long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers.